Everybody knows ANIS We all know Anis from coop!

Anis Anayet a 33 year old man from Bengladesh married with 2 kids

• How long have you been in Lebanon?

I've Been in Lebanon since 2009 almost 11 years now :)

• Did you immediately start with coop d'etat rooftop or did you work somewhere else?

well i used to work before in a different place wasn't happy at all until i quit and i was looking for a job it was 2010, until one day a friend of mine Abdul Kareem told me about this job vacancy at coop d'etat

• What was your job position? 

started in the kitchen doing dishes and after a while started helping the chef.. until i got better and better handling the kitchen you cook bangal food? we do bangal food once a week as a staff meal it's spicy but good!

• What is your job position now?

Now i'm a waiter and i know how to close the caisse i learned the bar cocktails " shway shaway"

• What do you look for in the future?

I want to learn everything i love the bar i want to keep learning to master everything and i will!

• Do you miss home?

Yes i miss home but i visit my wife and kids once a year

• Are you happy ?

%100 mabsout it's like family