Saifi Gardens was founded in 2011, they started with one beautiful floor and here they are today covering 5 floors in a traditional lebanese building, this 100 year old building is dressed with history, you may notice the wall of the terrace on the 2nd floor covered with bullet Holes from the civil war adding charm to the Hostel! we had a chat with Mohamad Ali El Rifai the assistant manager at saifi gardens he told us Today, this building is therefore an unusual structure due to this combination of domestic architecture and "war architecture" and how they're always restoring, renovating and keeping the building while taking care of the archs and origianl structure. As for Saifi shared apartment it was founded in March 2018 the rooms are stunningly restored. On the other hand SUG Rooms they're clean and simple with big discounts on long term stays. Common spaces and balconies are located on each floor as well as beautiful gardens for guests to explore. Wifi is free and breakfast at Cafe Em Nazih is included.

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